Turning Pages with Collins Debden: Fitness and Wellness 2

As part of our sixth edition of TURNING PAGES with Collins Debden, we speak to Joel Tan from F45 Farrer Park. He talks about his fears and how he overcame them with perserverance. Today, Joel is not only a trainer, he also owns his very own F45 franchise.

1.    How did you start on the F45 journey?

I was previously working with another gym and felt like I was going nowhere in my career. My then girlfriend and now wife saw an Instagram ad looking for F45 trainers at its Rochor branch. That is how it all began!


2.    What was the turning point that made you want to make fitness YOUR business?

Before becoming a trainer at F45, I did not know anything about it. However, after experiencing the training and working at the gym for over a year, I decided to go for it and work for myself instead, by franchising my very own F45 Farrer Park gym.


3.    What is a typical day like for you?

I work full shifts on most days. This means I am up by 5am, I have a quick breakfast and I get to the gym by about 545am. The first class starts at about 6am and thereafter, there are two more classes at 7am and 8am.
At about 10am, it’s my turn to work out and do my own training. Once I’m done, I have lunch and then conduct a lunch class which starts at 12.15pm.  After the lunchtime class, I go home to have a rest which usually entails an afternoon nap before I leave the house again at 5pm for the night classes which includes classes at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.  On weekends, I only do half days which means I am done by lunchtime.


4.    Do you track your fitness goals with a diary?

Yes, I do! I have a training logbook, which I have used to record my training since the day I started.


5.    What is your advice to individuals who want to embark on a fitness journey but perhaps are too afraid to? 

 I used to be afraid of going to a gym unless it was empty as I was worried that some guys could lift heavier weights than me. At some point, I decided I wanted the results and was so motivated I no longer cared about what other people said. I was no longer afraid of being judged. Since then, I have never looked back and I constantly try to learn something new and improve myself everyday. I now believe that it doesn’t matter if people are laughing at you or not, if you are determined, you should go all out to get what you want.