Turning Pages with Collins Debden: Defining Purpose 1

As part of our seventh edition of TURNING PAGES with Collins Debden, we speak to Ex-MTV VJ May Wan on her definition on purpose.

Q1. What does the word "purpose" mean to you?

Purpose to me is finding myself, and where do I fit in this world. Which is something I’m still figuring out. :)


Q2. For the many individuals whom like you have many different roles, what's your biggest tip for them in finding their very own life purpose?

I don’t think there’s one particular tip to share!  All I can say is each one of us has a purpose and our journey in life may differ. It is therefore important to find your own path.

Q3. If we took a peek into your diary, what would we see?

If you looked into my diary, you would see a scattering of images, ideas, dreams and colours. The biggest ones you would see are my two beautiful children riding life with me. 


Q4. Your 1 purpose/ message to the world , as a public figure , what is that one thing you'd like people to know?

This is wisdom from my late maternal grandmother shared with me and it’s stuck by me to this day. Treat other people as how you would want others to treat you. Still stays true to me. ❤