Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Ask any mom and she’d probably tell you that she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day—except, of course, to bring home someone to meet/get married/give her grandchildren etc. Although that may be impossible (lmao), Mother’s Day is the perfect time to, despite all the nagging, show her how much she means to you.

So, here’s a perfect list of gifts for every type of Mom:

The Trendy Mom

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Know that one mom who dresses better than anyone else, and has more followers on Tik Tok and Instagram than you? These are some perfect gifts for her.

Enigma Collection (S$19.90 S$14.90)

Collins Enigma

With its beautiful marbled pattern cover, gilt-edged design, and small B6 size, the Collins Enigma is a definite head-turner and the perfect writing accessory wherever you go.

Comes in three colours.

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Serendipity (S$20.90 S$14.90)

Collins Serendipity

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of nature, the Collins Serendipity oozes rustic charm in a warm, earthy colour palette with metallic accents. This pretty B6 notebook is the perfect companion in everyday life to stay organised and look good at the same time.

Comes in three colours.

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The Super-Fit Sporty Mom

Yoga, pole dance, Zumba, spin class. Whatever there is, she has probably done it. With a physique that put most younger women to shame, this special mom deserves only the best.

Poca Boston Bag (S$36.00)

Collins Poca Boston

A modern classic reimagined, the Boston Tartan Poca Bag by Collins is the perfect marriage between form and function. The Poca Boston Bag features the brand's signature Tartan print, a homage to Collins' Scottish roots, bringing a touch of class and sophistication whenever you’re at the gym, or at work.

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Urbanite Utility Pouch (S$21.00 S$19.90 Bundle Set)

Collins Urbanite Utility Pouch

A perfect carry for your daily essentials, the Collins Urbanite Utility Pouch embraces function over form for the well-travelled urbanite. This pouch is the perfect carry for your makeup essentials after a workout.

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The Career Mom

Everyone knows it’s not easy juggling a successful career and caring for your kids; and yet somehow this queen of yours always freaking slay. So, show some respect.

Diva Collection (S$36.90 S$24.90)

Collins Diva

With the velvety- rich suede cover and gold trimmings; the Diva range is a class above everything else. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, the Collins Diva is the perfect bougie gift for THE Boss Bitch.

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Dath Cup (S$23.00)

Collins Dath Cup

Stylish and eco- friendly, each Collins Dath Cup is made from sustainably harvested and 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre, perfect for her coffee runs. And now saving the environment? This girl can do anything.

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The Home-Maker

With the uncanny ability to find something which you’ve been searching the entire house for, this super-mom is the unsung hero of your family. From knowing which shirt belongs to which sibling to making your favourite dish just the way you like it, you know you’re not going to survive without her.

Poca Tote Bag (S$29.00)

Collins Poca Tote

The Collins' Tartan Poca Tote Bag is the paragon of versatility and style, coming with a dual sided reversible function, making it a great option whether she is going to the supermarket or out with her friends.

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10Cube (S$36.00)

Collins 10 Cube

The perfect desk companion, the Collins 10 Cube is the perfect organizer to brighten up your workspace. This unique foldable desk organizer consists of a Qi-certified 5W Wireless charger, micro USB cable, pen holder, business card holder, and a stationery tidy.

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