6 Tips for Journaling about Your Thoughts (Part 2)

Mindful Journaling about your thought process

Journaling about your thought process will help you understand that “You are not your thoughts”. It means that often your thoughts tend to weave their own narrative that may not reflect the truth or reality. If you don’t realise this you may get caught in its web and find it difficult to free yourself.

Purpose of journaling about your thoughts

Writing freely about your thoughts without fear and judgment will allow you to discover more about the nature of thoughts, the content of your thoughts and how your thoughts come and go even if some tend to linger. The awareness of the impermanence of thoughts will be liberating as you see thoughts as just thoughts and nothing more. Your thoughts are not you and they do not in any way reflect “reality”.

In our last blog article, we developed a deeper understanding of our thought process and learnt to embrace and let go of our thoughts in order to achieve a state of calmness and flexibility of mind.

For the next step, follow these 6 tips and start penning down your thoughts into your journal without worry.

6 Tips for Journaling about Your Thoughts (Part 2)

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Wrap up the journaling by reflecting on your thought process. What emotions did you feel while writing? What surprised you? What did you discover about your relationship with your thought process? What did you discover about your writing? How did it make you feel overall? You may write your responses to these questions in your journal or blog about it. You may share this piece of writing on your blog or social media or just with your close family and friends. If sharing is not your thing, that is also fine.

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Till then, now that you’ve learnt about Mindful Journaling, get started and practice! Take short breaks during the day to quieten your mind and write on your favourite Collins Debden journals.

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